How-To’s – Mead Making, Soap Making, Lip Balm Recipe, and Crabby Patty Formula
Presentation and instructions for a very simple mead (honey wine) using commonly available equipment.
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Guide to Bee Keeping
The History of Beekeeping, An Introduction to Beekeeping, Choosing and Setting up a Beehive, How to Start Beekeeping, Collecting Honey from your Beehive, Storing and Selling Honey, How to Protect your Beehive from Pests and Diseases, Local Rules and Regulations, Useful Links (UK)  Visit The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Bees »

Beekeeping Classes
Beekeeping Classes available locally.
Introduction To Beekeeping with Beau Wright (Flyer) – Website »
Beginning Beekeeping with Jim Landau at Joliet Junior College – Website: »
Introduction to Successful Beekeeping Workshop with Mike Rusnak – Website: Will County Forest Preserve District »
Fox Valley Beekeepers Association Spring Beekeeping Class »

Live Online Forums
Breakfast with Bees with James Konrad is every Saturday at 7:30 AM Central Time on Zoom. For more information, see post »

Organic Gardening Resource Center
What to plant and when? Simply enter the date when you anticipate frost in your garden. Indicate whether you’ll be using a season extender such as row cover.
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Bees, Hornets, and Wasps: What’s the difference

Tools for Varroa Management
All beekeepers should remain vigilant to detect high Varroa mite levels and be prepared to take timely action in order to reduce mite loads. Effective mite control will reduce colony losses and avoid potential spread of infectious disease among colonies.
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Labels for Honey Jars or Bottles
An infographic featuring interesting stats and tips such as the reasons behind CCD syndrome, how to prevent it, and how to label your honey jar.
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21 Buzzworthy Facts About Bees [Infographic] Facts and figures about the state of honeybees in the US today.
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Monitoring Mites
A method to count mites using an alcohol wash.
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Races of Bees
A description of the types of honeybees and the distinctions between them.
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101 Uses for Beeswax
A breakdown of some of the ways beeswax can be used.
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University of Illinois Pollinatarium
Visit this Urbana-Champaign pollination exhibit and support it with your donation.
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