Services for Beekeepers

Tomasik Grove Bee Products & Gifts
Offers custom or pre-made generic marketing items including labels, logos, packaging, brochures, and the like.
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Cut Out Agreement
This document is a starter for making your own contract between a beekeeper and a property owner related to performing cut-outs, bee removal, and other services. This document was not crafted by a lawyer and may not be suitable for all locations or purposes. It is not legal advice.
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Insurance for selling honey or bee related products. Ask for Bill.
Phone: 815-254-7900
PAR Insurance Services
14722 S Naperville Rd
Suite 116
Plainfield, IL 60544
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Free site for hive record keeping for computer /phone. Can use QKR code on hive to fill out inspection form on site. Other features includes local beekeepers on map.
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Equipment Sales
Find local woodenware and bee equipment producers.
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Register your apiaries and avoid pesticide sprays in your bee yards.
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