November Message from the President

November, our last meeting of the year, and just in time for now you get an extra day in your month to hit the malls and start shopping for the holidays. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Today’s meeting is dedicated to all of you, our members for making it such a great year. As you can see here, it takes an army of folks that love our club to join us, and contribute their time, effort and resources to make each meeting informative, each Beespace newsletter interesting, each extractor rental available, each field day event successful and above all to share the responsibility so every member can enjoy our gatherings to the fullest.

This list behind me is our WillBees army, and everyone of you is on that list as members, and as many as contributors. Thank you all for joining us over the bee season and your hard work. Please, let’s give everyone a hand … a pat on the back or just a smile in appreciation. I also wanted to mention something that the bee board really loves …  hearing feedback at the end of the night or through email … whether it on a presentation, or how how much you enjoyed the evening. It really goes a long way to motivating us for the next meeting.

In celebration of a great year, I just wanted to make sure everyone was able to grab some pizza. Excellent. Please be sure to leave a slice for me.

We have a jam-packed evening, but there’s a few members I feel we need to acknowledge for their extraordinary efforts over the year.

Dennis Wisnosky for being the man behind the website curtain. We now have a “world class” website!

Keith Meiser for the tons of volunteer time including building an observations hive, website back-end work and manning the awareness events through extreme temperatures.

Susan Gregory for scheduling WillBee awareness events and running the summer picnic practically solo.

Fran Miller for scheduling speakers, researching wearables, overall club operations … a true Wonder Woman).

Dave Meyer for being Dave Meyer.